While dermal fillers are becoming increasingly popular due to their non-permanent nature and the incredible results that can be achieved by the right hands. Sometimes having the option to reverse the treatment is just as important.  Often termed filler dissolver.

This is not just to make sure you get perfect results, but also to keep you safe.

Unfortunately the aesthetics industry is not currently regulated. Legally, you don’t need to be medically qualified to inject dermal fillers in the UK. With this comes an increase in risk should things go wrong during the procedure. If this has happened to you, our medically qualified nurse practitioner is on hand to dissolve your fillers and make any necessary corrections.

Our dissolving service would also suit those who feel enhancements have lost their natural appearance, be that from overfilling or where fillers have migrated.  Filler migration is most common in the lips and is identified by a pronounced ledge of the top lip, above the vermillion border and is a sign of poor injection technique or filler being placed in the wrong area, such as muscle. 
A patch test is always required during consultation due to the high risk of an allergic reaction and those with a known allergy to bee or wasp stings would be contraindicated.

We aim to make all our patients look their best, but more importantly we do this in the safest possible way. 

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