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This procedure is often referred to as Non-Surgical nose job, nose filler or liquid nose job. It is a non-surgical procedure with the use of high density dermal fillers which are expertly placed to various areas of the nose to achieve the customers desired outcomes. Results exceed that of a surgical procedure when undertaken by skilled hands. 

This is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures, however many patients are worried by the possible complication and the prospect of adverse results.  Using dermal filler in the nose does come with some risk however is safe when placed in the correct areas by an experienced aesthetic clinician.

This is an affordable option for those wanting to change the shape of their nose and do not want the high financial cost of surgery. The results are instant with no excessive downtime, no general anaesthetic and no prolonged healing process.

Nose filler Before and after non surgical rhinoplasty


What is a Non Surgical Nose Job?
The medically appropriate terminology is a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty however this increasingly popular treatment is also termed non surgical nose job, nose filler, liquid nose job or 15 minute nose job - the list goes on.

They all are referencing the same treatment which is the skilful placement of dermal filler or hyaluronic acid to give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the nose.

Where previously people had to go under the knife to make improvements to their nose, with no guarantee on results, you can now achieve as effective, if not better outcomes via the non surgical nose job route.

There is often little to no downtime, literally being able to pop out on your lunch break, have your tip lifted, bridge straightened and dorsal bump eradicated even all through this amazing nose filler treatment.
Is a non surgical nose job / nose filler worth it?
We aren’t meant to have favourites but the non surgical rhinoplasty is one of our favourite treatments to administer. When carried out by an experienced medical clinician, nose filler can be one of the most powerful aesthetic treatments in terms of psycho-social improvements for the person undergoing this quick and relatively pain free treatment.

In fact, Mark, our founder and Clinical Director has personal experience of this himself and his experience of having the treatment is what indeed led him into the medical aesthetics field. Having always struggled with self confidence due to his nose, he found he wasn’t;’t able to be truly present in a moment and was always distracted by needing to make photographs weren’t captured on side profile, or making sure his positioning was such that he wasn’t side on to others - exhausting right?!

However after undergoing a 15 minute nose job, he was blown away by the improvements in his self-esteem, the disappearance of (unwarranted) shame and rediscovered social confidence all over again.

From a monetary value, it’s a (starting at) £350 cost every 12-24 months compared to £5,000+ for it’s surgical comparison
Is nose filler painful?
Any treatment which involves a needle could present with some level of discomfort however feedback from patients who have had a non surgical rhinoplasty state that the nose filler wasn’t as painful as they had anticipated but there was a degree of discomfort, mainly when lifting the tip due to the limits of where numbing creams can be effective.

Strong medical numbing cream can be applied to the nose, bridge and tip, 15 minutes before the non surgical nose job procedure, and in addition to this the dermal fillers used as nose filler, not only contain hyaluronic acid but lidocaine as well, which is a powerful numbing medication and so any pain or discomfort will only be briefly felt.
Can a non surgical nose job make the nose thinner?
Similar questions we also get asked are;

Can nose filler fix a bulbous tip?
Can a non surgical nose job make the nose smaller?
Can a non surgical nose job make the nostrils smaller?

The answer to all of these is both Yes and No … From a literal point of view, the answer is no, the placement of dermal filler in the nose is adding volume and so one cannot claim it is making something smaller. However because of where the dermal filler is strategically placed, this gives the illusion of a shorter, smaller, and/or thinner nose if that is what the aesthetic outcome is to be desired.

In order to reduce nostril flare and make the nostril appear ‘smaller’ then the procedure must be combined with the use of a neurotoxin or Botox as it is more commonly known.

We have listed below all of the concerns which nose filler is able to correct.
Is nose filler safe?
All medical aesthetics procedures come with risk and it is important that you undergo a full and thorough consultation with a medical professional when electing to have a non surgical rhinoplasty.

Out of all areas of the face which can be injected with dermal filler, the nose and lips could arguably be the areas which most complications arise which is why researching your practitioner/injector is so important to ensure that they are able to adequately deal with a complication should one arise (complications can happen to anyone), as well as follow through your aftercare, including any subsequent prescriptions which may need writing for you such as anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories, steroids etc.

PHI : BALANCE provide full aftercare, including the writing of prescriptions where needed and we are also member of ACE Group World which give us immediate access to video support with a complications expert who will be additional support and where needed further direction and or guidance in the event of a complication arising in the nose filler treatment.

It’s important to state that at the time of writing this, the prevelance remains very low at 2% in the UK
Who can have a non surgical nose job?
The answer is most people can chose to have nose filler administered however a consultation is extremely important assess your suitability to having a non surgical rhinoplasty

Potential contraindications to having the procedure could be;

Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mothers

Uncontrolled immunodisorders

Previous nasal trauma or surgical rhinoplasty

Active COVID-19 infection or a recent immunisation within the last 3 weeks

Disclosure by you of your full medical history is paramount to your medical practitioner being able to maintain your safety as much as is viable to do so
Non surgical nose job before and afters?
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PHI insights : who is nose filler for?

Areas of the nose that this procedure works best for is:

  • Treating a Hooked/ Irregular/ Rounded Nose

  • Correcting a prominent Dorsal hump

  • Filling a divot or saddle deformity in the bridge

  • Lifting a Drooping Tip

  • Straightening the position of the Nose

  • Thin out a Bulbous Tip

  • Sharpen and define the bridge of the nose

  • Balancing and Harmonising a facial profile

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