We believe that in order to achieve absolute facial harmony, treatment should consider the whole face rather than just one area and so have designed these combined packages so that you can gain the best results along with a discount in price.  These packages include Profile Balancing, Feminisation and Masculinisation and our specialty – full face rejuvenation.
We are only able to give a rough estimate of product volume and cost as this can only be established through a thorough consultation.
Rejuvenation package before and after
Bespoke 5ml Package

Beautification / Masculinisation

Where the science of golden ratios really come into play.  Areas typically included are cheeks, jawline, lips and chin.  A total of 6ml was used for the patient on the left.

Male treatments are growing in popularity.  This will give a more defined, square chin and jawline, typically treating cheeks, jaw and chin

Males can expect to require between 7ml and 9ml to achieve the desired result

Beautification feminisation filler package
Beautification 6ml Package

Full Face Rejuvenation

For those wanting to be in control of their ageing process, be that preventative or restorative, a full face rejuvenation package has powerful psychological benefits.
Our lovely patient on the right required 10ml to achieve the result shown.  The treatment was carried out in approximately 1.5 hours.
Full face rejuvenation package
Full Face Rejuvenation 10ml Package

Profile Balancing & Harmonisation

Profile balancing before and after
Profile Balancing
To create a harmonious appearance from the side profile,  treatment would generally focus on the following areas:
Non-surgical rhinoplasty
Chin sculpting/enhancement
Cheeks where indicated

Dermal fillers and advanced aesthetic treatments.

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