Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

We’re here to help you get your skin back in shape and so if it’s dry, exhausted or just not looking its best then you do not need to worry as we’ve got the perfect solution for that too! Our skin rejuvenation and bioremodelling treatments will give new life and vitality by treating the route cause whilst also providing much needed deep hydration to combat early signs of ageing


A solution to most skin ageing problems is Profhilo which is the most sought after injectable in aesthetics and it delivers on all levels.
The ultra-pure hyaluronic acid in Profhilo provides that deep hydration which skin needs to maintain its youthful appearance. The patented NAHYCO technology stimulates 4 different collagen and elastin, attracting water where it’s needed most – on the surface of your cells for rejuvenation. 
Two treatments are required 4 weeks apart initially and then maintenance is recommended every 4 to 6 months.
Suitable for the face, neck, décolletage and hands. 
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Neofound &

How would you like to have skin that appears firmer with a more youthful glow?
Neofound and NCTF 135HA are both forms of mesotherapy. These deliver powerful cocktails of collagen stimulants, peptides, antioxidants and amino acids.  Delivery is through multiple superficial injections in the required area.
Both benefit skin concerns such as scarring, acne, blemishes along with hyperpigmentation.  As a result, there is also a tightening effect through the collagen stimulants.
Initial treatment requires 3 sessions, each 2 weeks apart and maintenance treatment is recommended every 3 months but no longer than 6 months.
NCTF 135 HA product skin rejuvenation

Peppermint Peel &

PMP is a new medical grade TCA peel but not only that it is a skin rejuvenation product designed to aid cell regeneration to produce compelling results. 

The non peeling actives give immediate and different effects through Bio Revitalisation. First removing the aging cells and stimulating new cell growth.  Secondly it provides the skin with the raw ingredients required to stimulate and maintain cell health. 


The peel consists of 3 families of actives which are Acids, Moisturisers and Aesthetic improvers. There are 5 active acid ingredients combined with 6 moisturising and aesthetic improvers to bio-stimulate the skin post exfoliation. 

Thanks to the action of the active principles, PMP successfully treats chronoaged and photoaged.  Because of this it makes it the perfect compliment to any skin rejuvenation treatment plan.

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PHI : skin rejuvenation bEFORE AND AFter

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